Road Kill 2

Wow, what a show.

Let me give you some background. Last year, after Halloween, a local Huntington Beach artist named Way Way decided to put on a little concert. Some other artists could set up booths and sell their art as the show went on. He decided to call the show Road Kill. It was a great show with awesome bands. Vans were positioned to create a mint venue with Christmas lights hanging above for lighting. Everyone loved it. Way Way loved it so much, he decided to put on another show this year, and it was gonna be bigger, and better.

Road Kill 2 was massive. A huge U-haul held two big signs, one on the front and one on the side, both letting you know that you were at Road Kill 2. Lights were hung all around so that people could see.

The people were some of the best part. This year, Way Way decided to hold it before Halloween and make it a costume party. Hundreds of people gathered around to listen to the bands, jump in the pit, look at the art, and hang out with all their friends. Guitar’s wailed and drums pounded, and you could hear the voices of hundreds of people talking at once. It was the biggest local show I’d ever seen.

What blew my mind about this whole thing was that this was all put together by just a couple of guys. Way Way and his friends are nothing but a couple high school and college kids who wanted to put on a good show. None of them have much money, but they were able to work together to put on one of the most exciting things to happen in Huntington Beach in a long time. The DIY spirit lives on in them as they continue to take shows to new heights.  I can almost guarantee Road Kill will continue for years to come, and I can’t wait to see how much bigger it can get.


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