Growing Pains

A couple kids in my English class were recently poking fun at my English teacher, Mr. Ziebarth. He was talking about a pain in his knee and someone told him, “It means you’re growing, Mr. Ziebarth!” Mr. Z is in his fifties.

However, these growing pains reminded me of the book we’re reading in class, The House on Mango Street. This book also seems to be about growing pains. The book appears to be an anthology of the childhood of the main character, Esperanza. She tells us many sad or scary stories about growing up. It’s funny to me that there are growing pains at all times of life. Just like how Esperanza goes through these growing pains in the book, Mr. Ziebarth is going through them still too. We never seem to stop going trough growing pains because we are always groomed and always learning from our mistakes.


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