A Good Loser and a Good Winner

We recently read an article in Mr. Z’s class about what the loser of the election should do. This article was mad pre-election, so it was probably aimed toward Trump, but it applies for this result as well. That writer said that the loser needs to accept the result and allow a peaceful transfer of power. 

Im having a bit of an internal struggle hear. The rational side of me is saying that I should accept this result because it’s a democracy and we have to allow democracy to run its course, even if our side loses. However, the decent side of me is revolted at this disgusting, awful man and the fact that people could believe he might be a good president. I hated this election, and I’m not sure if I hate the result even more or not. I hate this self conflict I’m having between the two different sides of my human decency. I want to be decent toward all opinions, but I also want to be decent toward the rights of others. 

This election was one of the lowest points I’ve seen in this country, and I know that’s not saying a lot because I’ve only been alive for 16 years, but I hope to God that nothing like this happens again.


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