You know, I’m kinda surprised lately with how cynical I’ve been about things. It’s not so much about everything, mostly about things I see on the internet. It’s like, as soon as I see a feel good story on Twitter or a video of some youtuber telling their subscribers to “Stay positive!” and “Be happy!”, I automatically assume they’re being fake. I feel like my mid has trained itself to assume the worst of things from people on the internet because of all of the distrust for those sorts of things, indoctrinated into me by well-meaning parents who wanted me to be safe on the web. But all it’s done is made me think that now everyone on the internet is a lying scumbag. I need to try to trust things a little more.

Of course, I don’t want to become too trusting. The internet is still full of liars and fake news and people are still too eager to believe it. But I feel like a little more trust in that little youtuber who just “Wants me to be happy” will make me a happier person in general.

Gary Waters/Ikon Images/Getty Images


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