It’s going to be weird not having Barack Obama as POTUS. I mean, he’s been president half of my life, and president for more than half of what I can remember. But, life goes in and I’m glad he was my President for so long. I genuinely feel like he did a good job over the past 8 years. However, not everyone feels the same, and some people go to great lengths to make him seem like a worse person than he is.

Photo ©2016 by Barack Obama [CC-by-2.0]

In his farewell address, Obama choked up as he was thanking Michelle for all that she has done with him and on her own as First Lady. It was a touching moment, but Laura Ingraham, a Republican writer, thought otherwise. She claims he faked his tears to gain points with the public. She really went as far as to say that President Obama faked emotions and tears for the love of his life.

This is the problem with our country. We’re so divided that we come up with narratives about the other side to fit our agendas. Democrats call Republicans racist, and Republicans call Democrats baby killers. We’re so divided that we’ll say anything to make ourselves feel like we’re fighting against the “bad guys.” Why can’t we realize that despite the differences in our policies and ideas, not everyone on the other side is evil? They may be wrong, but they’re not necessarily bad people.




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