It’s been awhile since I’ve started this blog, and looking back on it,  couple patterns show up. I’ve put a lot of tags on my posts and put them under  few categories, but there are a few things I keep revisiting.

img_2711 img_2712

On the left are my top 5 tags and the amount of posts under them, and on the right are the number of posts with each of my categories. As you can see, Delight and Despise are used in a majority of my posts, and I’m happy to say that I usually categorize under Delight rather than Despise. I think this fits with my personality, as I usually tend to wonder at cool things rather than dwell on things I don’t like. The fact that I use these two categories most often doesn’t surprise me either. Most of my blog posts have really just been opinion pieces – me sharing how I feel about a certain thing or just giving general thought on something. That’s just the style of blog that I enjoy writing. It’s hard for me to really dig deeper and question or investigate some topics, and I often feel like connecting things can be quite of a stretch, so I tend to avoid Unite. It really just makes sense to me to use Delight and Despise more often as I feel that that’s what writing should be. It should be an expression of the self, a piece of art displaying the writer’s emotions and feelings through words. Now I definitely wouldn’t call my posts on here pieces of art, but you get the idea.

As far as the tags go, I honestly think they’re kind of funny. “Art” and “philosophy” and “creation” seem like such pretentious things to talk about. I feel like I’ve kind of become the posh, arrogant hipster, giving my new wave philosophical ideas to people who don’t really want to hear them. I guess it’s a good thing no one actually reads this blog.

Overall I’ve enjoyed most of these blog posts. Sometimes it can feel like a chore, but then there are some that are actually fun to write. This particular post, I believe, is my crowning achievement. A daring look into the intricacies of the common ironic internet meme. (Jesus Christ, what am I doing with my life?)

Welp. I’m not really sure how to end this one, so-


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