Cherry Picking

In the midst of our changing government and what some believe to be a bleak future under our new president, people are afraid. They’re doing the best they can to convince others that President Trump does not deserve to be president, and they’re using anything they can to try to deface him.

In an article by Allan Fallow, Fallow does his best to show the incompetence of the President by displaying times in which he made typos on the internet; typos of all things. Isn’t there anything else he can talk about?

Don’t get me wrong, it’s funny to see President Trump made fun of for little things like this, but it’s nothing but cheap comedy at the President’s expense, nothing to write an article about. He could create the same impact with a tweet just showing pictures of Trump’s misspellings.

There are so many more things Fallow could have used as evidence against Trump’s competence: His lack of any real plan, his insistence that Mexico will pay for an American project, the cabinet members he’s elected that have no experience in their departments. Typos are the least of Trump’s inadequacies.


Photo by Clare Black [Some Rights Reserved 2009]


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