New Media Mediums

As we progress into the information age, it become easier and easier to get whatever information we want, but is that information necessarily true? In light of all the ‘fake news’ everyone has been talking about lately, I’ve started wondering about what things I find online I can really trust. As I’ve talked about before in my post Cynicism, I’ve always been sort of skeptical of what I find online, but I’ve never really had that problem with physical information.

Unfortunately, contrary to what Jonno Revanche says in his article, “I read zines to escape surveillance and clickbait. It’s the new teen rebellion,” it seems that print media is dying. A while ago, Mr. Ziebarth took a pool of the class and only about 2 kids, myself included, actually had paper delivered to their homes. Everyone seems to be getting information online. However, Revanche seems to have stumbled upon a revolution in print media – zines. Mr. Z has us making our own zines about issues that we care about in society, and I’m genuinely excited to be participating in this ‘revolution.’ I don’t think our little zines will have a profound effect on the world, but it’s fun creating and sharing my own ideas, not to mention the fact that we’re bring back a piece of fringe-culture history.

I guess I never really answered the question that I posed in the beginning. I guess it doesn’t really matter if all the information you get is true or not, and it isn’t necessarily true if if comes from a piece of physical writing. The information in most zines aren’t necessarily true. But they’re zines, they’re supposed to be fun.

I don’t know where this blog post went. Whatever. None of the information is true anyway, because you can’t prove anything. I mean if you think about it, you literally CAN’T prove anything, except for things about yourself, so it doesn’t matter if your media is honest or not. Media can be newspapers, internet articles, or even zines, but it doesn’t matter, because nothing is true.

Iggy Pop Photo ©1980 by  angrylamble1 [CC-by-2.0]


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