The Tendencies of the Internet

Shia LaBeouf should have know, or at least guessed, that his “He will Not Divide Us” experiment wouldn’t go completely as expected. And, being that his whole project was a 24 hour live stream on the internet, he should have know it would have gotten messed with.

I’m assuming that, as a millenial, Shia grew up with a lot of access to the internet, and since he’s familiar with the internet, he should be familiar with the not so great side of it. He should have realized that there would be people who mess with others and say awful things over the internet just for a couple cheap laughs. This is precisely what happened to his project. “He Will Not Divide Us” was visited by racists and people who said racist things, all for the “lulz”, and because of it, the project was shut down.

All I have to wonder, is why didn’t Shia predict this? How could he not realize that some internet trolls would eventually wander on camera and spurt something racist just to mess with him? To be honest, I don’t really feel bad for his project failing, because it was doomed from the first place.

Photo ©2014 by DoD News [CC-by-2.0]


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