Why So Confusing?

Why does the American food industry not have it’s *expletive* together? (Mr. Ziebarth is probably gonna read this, so that’s why I have to censor myself. Feels really Big Brothery, right?) I mean, you’d think that a government agency as big as the FDA would have some kind of regulations on something like expiration/sell by/use by/best by dates. But no, all the FDA does is keep the American population from the beauty and wonder that is a Kinder egg, all because of some stupid “choking hazard.”

So why is it that the FDA can be so regulated that they prevent us from a candy that’s designed to be broken open before eating (so that you DON’T choke), but that have no idea how long milk is allowed to be on the shelf before it has to be thrown away. And because of this confusion on sell by dates, people are forced to throw away perfectly good milk. If someone hadn’t come up with some arbitrary date and instead based it off of expiration, we wouldn’t have to throw away good food.


Cheese aisle in an american grocery store © 2011 by Jeremy Eades [CC-by-2.0]


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